Amedeo Air Four Plus to complete aircraft deal with earnings of up to £ 130.9 million

wallpapers Industry 2020-02-27

Following the announcement on February 18, Amedeo Air Four Plus (AA4) announced the sale of two A380-800 Aircraft to Etihad Airways, which will be completed by the end of this month. The manufacturers' serial numbers for the two aircraft are 233 and 237, respectively.

The net income from the transaction was as high as 130.9 million pounds. The sale plan includes financing arrangements for the full repayment of both Aircraft, as well as typical periodic damage and facility advance payments. After paying all applicable transaction costs, fees, and expenses (approximately £ 5.1 million), the company expects to achieve a total net cash income of nearly £ 130.9 million.

AA4 stated that it may seek to find potential trading opportunities at suitable locations for other Aircraft, although there is no guarantee that the two A380-800 Aircraft announced today for sale to Etihad will necessarily provide the company with guidance on the following capabilities to achieve the remaining Aircraft, including six such A380-800 Aircraft, or reach the value that this realization can make.

Members of the committee believed that the sale would be an excellent financial performance, of course, relative to the prevailing market conditions and the existing and expected secondary market activities of the A380 aircraft. After these sales, the company owns six A380-800 and two B777-300ER (leased to Emirates) and four A350-900 Aircraft (leased to Thai Airways).

It is worth mentioning that all parts used in these two aircraft, including rack bearings, are from well-known brands in various manufacturing industries in the world, which has also affected the transaction price of the Aircraft to a certain extent.

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