3D printer is entering the family and becoming the educational tool of enlightenment children

wallpapers Education 2020-02-19

As a disruptive technology, 3D printing plays an essential role in aerospace, military industry, medical, and other high-end industries. In recent years, with the continuous development of 3D printing, the popularization of 3D printer is becoming wider and wider, and the price is becoming cheaper, and it is gradually entering the family. So, what are the advantages of a 3D printer in the family?

1. High-quality family time

With the development of 3D printing technology, home 3D printers are more and more popular. If you want children to lose their mobile phones and TVs, you can buy a home 3D printer. When operating 3D printers together at home, parents shield all interruptions and distractions and effectively accompany their children with creative ways of playing. In the process of education and entertainment, it not only stimulates children's desire for knowledge but also increases the emotional communication between parents and children.

2. Release imagination and improve creativity

In the past, children's ideas could only be expressed through paper and pen. Now 3D printers open the door of children's creative world with the natural advantage of "materialized imagination" so that every child's fantasy can be realized. When experiencing the charm of 3D printing technology, it can stimulate children's desire for scientific exploration and knowledge, cultivate their creative thinking and practical ability, and establish scientific thinking and creative thinking since childhood.

3. Fulfilling children's dream of toy Castle

Love to play is the nature of every child's infancy, children always want to have a continuous stream of toys. The arrival of 3D printing brings more space for children's toy dreams. With the maturity and broad application of 3D printing technology, toys made of 3D printing have become the new favorite of many children. 3D printer can print all kinds of models quickly. Cartoon characters, simple robots, and even drones can be printed out with the 3D printer. These toys made by hand are not only significant but also cherished by children.


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