NSK Bearing Sales Network

wallpapers Environment 2021-01-21

NSK bearings, NSK's main products are bearings, NSK Bearing Company, due to excellent quality and considerate service, NSK company's business is also progressing rapidly. NSK uses a well-structured intelligence network to combine the four regions of Japan, Europe, America, and Asia-Pacific into a four-pole system. Due to China's pivotal position, the development of NSK's business in China will further improve the four-pole system.


NSK has established a sales network in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and has more than 50 factories, ranking in the forefront of the world. In order to thank the trust of Chinese users, NSK is committed to exporting advanced production technology and management experience to China with sustained and rapid economic development, and gradually establish and improve a three-dimensional integrated business system with production as the core, technology as the guidance, and marketing information as the supplement. NSK will speed up the localization process of this system, so as to provide more direct and complete services to Chinese users and make due contributions to China's industrial modernization.


NSK bearings, with pure materials, high product precision, and hundreds of thousands of varieties, are widely used in different environments and machinery. They are known as the "food of the machinery industry". NSK, which has more than 80 years of bearing production experience, still Continuously improve existing products, research and develop new products, and always maintain a leading edge in technology; with the wide application of CNC machine tools and machining centers, industrial machinery has entered a new stage of mechatronics. This technological advancement is inseparable from NSK bearing products represented by ball screws and linear guides. Its high-precision positioning technology is even more effective in cutting-edge fields such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment and industrial robots.

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