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The homestay search is over

Worldwide Homestay is your one stop source to find your hosts.

We have a wide range of carefully selected families in 35 countries that will be happy to welcome you in their home and show you what hospitality is all about.

Read more here about how to make a reservation.


The concept of homestay

When studying or traveling, sometimes the most affordable and rewarding experiences can be found when you stay with a family living in your host country.

A homestay gives you a richer experience during your travels. You will likely learn the language quicker and experience what "real life" is like in your host country.


Why Homestay?

Homestay programs are a great way to meet locals on your trip, people who aren’t trying to sell you something or be your paid guide. It can be an enriching experience for both parties and can save the traveler a significant sum of money, especially in countries where lodging is expensive. It gives you a chance to see how the locals live and to get an insider’s perspective on the area. The people you stay with often know the best local bargains, the most worthwhile things to see and do, and the easiest way to get from point A to point B. In places with limited public transportation, your hosts will often pick you up from the train station, bus station, or airport.


Homestay programs 

Homestay programs are built upon the idea of give and take. When you’re a traveler, you stay with others; when you’re stationary, you volunteer to be a host. If you live in Manhattan or San Francisco you’ll probably get lots of requests. If you live in an area that’s not a tourist attraction, you’ll get very few. There are ground rules about how long people can stay and information on sleeping arrangements. Some people may have a guesthouse; others may have an air mattress on the living room floor. These details are generally available up front.


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